Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Senior Dog
geschreven door Alina
Everybody loves puppies. They’re cute, they’re full of energy and they can’t wait to explore the world around them. As rewarding as it is to raise a pup into a healthy, strong adult, it requires a lot of work. When it comes to adopting a senior dog, you have the privilege of choosing the fully-formed personality that best fits your lifestyle. There are no growing pains and no surprises; you simply bring home your new best friend. Here are some reasons to take a chance on a senior dog today :
1. What you see is what you get.
Whether they have crazy wiry hair, stumpy legs or a wildly wagging tail, senior pooches have already developed into exactly who they are going to be. You don’t have to worry about adopting a “Terrier Mix” puppy only to watch it sprout to the size of a Great Dane!
2. They are independent.
Senior dogs love to be by their owners’ sides, but they have also mastered the art of amusing themselves. Unlike puppies, you can trust older dogs to play safely on their own when you are occupied. While puppies get into the trash or shred your newspapers, senior dogs happily chew a bone or find a nice cozy spot for a nap.
3. They’ve been around the block, but they’re still ready for another adventure.
You most certainly can teach an old dog new tricks! No matter what your senior dog’s lifestyle was before he met you, he can easily adjust to your way of doing things. Love to hike and stay active? Senior pups do, too! Barring any health issues, older dogs can run, jump and play just like any puppy. Plus they’re more likely to tire out at the same rate you do.
4. They have a lot of love left to give.
Senior dogs may bear a few scars – both physical and emotional – but they don’t let their pasts keep them down, no matter how dark they may have been. Dogs have a way of forgiving, forgetting and living in the present. If you give your love to an old dog, you can be sure he will devote the rest of his life to loving you back.
5. They are easy on your carpets.
Senior pups tend to come with the built in knowledge that potty time is an outdoor activity, saving you endless hours of training and tons of frustration.
6. They’ve already learned their puppy lessons.
Older dogs have likely also learned the difference between dog toys and expensive sunglasses, furniture and designer shoes.
7. When you sleep, they sleep.
Much like human babies, puppies require a great deal of sleep for healthy development, and their nap patterns can be very erratic. 3 A.M. potty runs become a way of life when there’s a puppy in the house. Older dogs tend to adjust to your schedule, relaxing when you relax.
8. They never stop expressing their gratitude.
When you gaze into the wise and worldly eyes of a rescued senior dog, you will see an animal who knows they have been saved. They don’t care where you live, what you look like or what you do for a living; they will dedicate the remainder of their lives to thanking you.
9. You are literally saving a life.
According to Dogtime, senior dogs spend nearly four times as long on pet adoption websites before finding homes. In overcrowded public shelters they may not have that kind of time. When you open your home and your heart to an older pet, you are saving them from an almost certain death and showing them that they are worthy of love and comfort during their twilight years.